Addiction and Mental Health Support Services in Sarasota

O2 Recovery provides personalized, comprehensive support services for individuals and families dealing with addiction, including coaching, companionship, interventions, transport, psychotherapy, and outpatient programs.

Tailored Support Services for a Healthier, Happier You

Empowering Your Journey to Recovery

O2 Recovery Support Services in Sarasota offers personalized recovery support for individuals facing addiction. Their certified professionals provide tailored services, including Recovery Coaching, Companion Services, and Safe Transports, addressing both individual and familial challenges. With a compassionate approach, they empower clients to establish healthy habits and navigate critical transitions. 

Rigorous background checks ensure the highest standard of care. Their holistic programs prioritize safety, sobriety, and well-being. O2 is committed to respecting the dignity of every individual, fostering a collaborative journey to recovery that promotes health and happiness.
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O2 Recovery Support Services

O2 Recovery Support Services tailors its wide range of support services in the Sarasota area specific to each client's unique needs. Our certified, experienced personnel undergo thorough background checks where appropriate, promising a high standard of assistance.

Recovery Coach

Our recovery coaches provide critical support through personalized strategies. They work to establish and maintain healthy habits for individuals and their families, offering weekly to monthly sessions through various communication methods.

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Recovery Companion

Offering daily or 24-hour support, O2 Recovery Companions are matched with clients for personalized, hands-on assistance during critical transitions, supervised by experienced case managers to ensure seamless integration into clients' lives.

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Safe Transports

Specializing in secure, relapse-preventive travel, our Transport Specialists facilitate stress-free transitions between treatment centers, court appearances, or other destinations, ensuring safety and sobriety throughout the journey.

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O2 Interventions address critical moments of need with certified interventionists dedicated to offering professional, empathetic support to addicts/alcoholics and their families. Reach out to us to have your questions and concerns cleared up.

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Case Management

Our case managers collaborate closely with all parties to oversee and manage care plans effectively, incorporating drug and breathalyzer testing for accountability, health, and happiness within a structured framework.

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Addictions Psychotherapy

Led by Dr. Kim Benson, our psychotherapy services extend specialized support in managing a range of issues, from substance abuse to severe mental illnesses, with professional oversight and therapeutic care.

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With a focus on accountability and early-relapse prevention, O2 Monitoring offers comprehensive testing services, including drug tests and GPS-enabled breathalyzers, to support recovery and maintain structure.

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Intensive Out-Patient (IOP)

Our IOP program supports individuals in addiction recovery with a blend of counseling, education, and community engagement, allowing participants to maintain their daily lives while focusing on sobriety.

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