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Hands-on Recovery Support To Transition From Your Destructive Cycle To A Healthy Lifestyle.

Recovery Companions in Sarasota, Florida

O2 Recovery Companions, sometimes called sober companions or sober escorts, provide hands-on support on a daily or 24-hour, live-in basis. Companions blend into our clients’ daily lives because they are matched by gender, background, and similar interests. An experienced case manager supervises O2 Recovery Companions, and additional case management services are available.

O2 Recovery Companions are essential:

During the potentially perilous transition from treatment to home life
When clients need to leave in-patient treatment for court or family emergencies
In addition to or replacement of in-patient treatment
To high-profile entertainment, sports, or business professionals, and their managers, agents, or board of directors
Employee assistance programs
To maintain professional licensure
As a full-time O2 Recovery Coach
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Cycle Into A Healthy Lifestyle

Hands-on Recovery Support

Our recovery companions provide a unique blend of companionship and professional support tailored to each client's needs and lifestyle. By integrating into the client's daily life, companions offer immediate assistance, practical advice, and emotional support across all aspects of life—from managing daily responsibilities to navigating social situations without relapse.

Through the hands-on approach process, as part of our available services, clients have the support they need to make healthy decisions and maintain sobriety.


Seamless Integration Into Daily Routines

The effectiveness of our recovery companions lies in their ability to seamlessly blend into the client's daily routine, providing support without disrupting normal life. Whether accompanying clients to work, social events, or family gatherings, companions offer guidance, encouragement, and accountability. This constant presence helps prevent relapse and builds the client's confidence in living a sober, productive life.

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Creating Lasting Changes Together

Recovery companions work closely with clients to develop and reinforce healthy habits, coping mechanisms, and personal goals that form the foundation of a lasting recovery. Through setting daily routines, encouraging positive interactions, and modeling healthy behaviors, companions help clients build a new life free from substances.

The collaborative process carried out by the team at O2 Recovery Support Services empowers clients, giving them the tools and confidence to navigate the recovery challenges long after the companion's role ends.


Beyond Recovery—A Journey To Wellness

At O2, we believe in providing a comprehensive support system beyond traditional recovery models. Our Recovery Companions are part of a larger team of professionals dedicated to the client's overall well-being. By working together with therapists, counselors, and medical professionals, companions ensure that clients receive holistic care that addresses not just substance use but the underlying issues that contribute to it. This integrated approach promotes overall wellness, helping clients achieve sobriety and a full, enriching life.

Contact us now to discover how an O2 recovery companion can become an essential part of your recovery journey.

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