Safe Transport Throughout the Sarasota, Florida, Area and Surrounding Cities & Towns

Transport Specialists support safe travel from door to door.

Safe Transports in Sarasota and the Surrounding Areas

Traveling can be lined with challenges and a high chance of relapse. O2 Safe Transports take the stress and relapse-potential out of travelling to treatment, court, or any other destination. Our Transport Specialists make the travel arrangements, accompany our clients on their journey, and safeguard against relapse triggers along the way. 

O2 Transport Specialists are essential:

From Door to Door
For a Safe & Sober arrival
From Intervention to Treatment
Between Treatment Centers
From Treatment to Home/Sober Living
By making all travel arrangements
By handling medications
When clients need to leave in-patient treatment for court or family emergencies
By maintaining communication with treatment facilitator(s)
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transport services in sarasota

Ensuring a Safe Journey to Recovery in Sarasota and Beyond

We understand the complexities and challenges of traveling during recovery at O2 Recovery Support Services. Our mission is to provide a seamless, stress-free transportation service for individuals heading to treatment, court, or any other essential destination.

With a high risk of relapse during travel, our dedicated transport specialists are committed to creating a safe and sober travel environment so our clients reach their destinations safely and without incident.


Our Services: More Than Just a Ride

  • From Door to Door: We offer comprehensive door-to-door service for a smooth and secure journey from start to finish.
  • Safe & Sober Arrival: Our top priority is the safety and sobriety of our clients. We take every precaution to ensure a safe arrival at your destination.
  • From Intervention to Treatment: We provide reliable transportation for individuals from the point of intervention to the beginning of their treatment.
  • Between Treatment Centers: Should the need arise to transfer between treatment facilities, we provide a seamless transition.
  • From Treatment to Home/Sober Living: We support our clients in their return journey to home or sober living environments so they remain supported every step.
  • Comprehensive Travel Arrangements: Our specialists handle all aspects of travel logistics, including booking and itinerary planning, so that you can focus on your recovery.
  • Medication Management: We manage medications so they are safely transported and administered as prescribed.
  • Support for Legal and Family Obligations: We provide dependable transport and support for clients needing to leave in-patient treatment for court appearances or family emergencies.
  • Continuous Communication: Throughout the journey, we maintain open lines of communication with treatment facilitators and loved ones, keeping everyone informed and at ease.
transport services in sarasota
transport services in sarasota

Why Choose O2 Safe Transports?

Choosing O2 safe transports means entrusting your journey to a team deeply committed to your recovery and well-being. Our service goes beyond mere transportation; we offer a comprehensive support system designed to address individuals' unique challenges in recovery. Our transport specialists are trained to recognize and manage potential relapse triggers, providing care and vigilance unmatched in standard transport services. They act not only as drivers but as compassionate companions who understand the importance of your journey and are dedicated to ensuring its success.

With O2 safe transports, you're not just moving from one place to another; you're being guided by experts who prioritize your safety, sobriety, and comfort. We understand the critical role that a supportive and secure environment plays in recovery, and we're here to make sure that your transportation needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism. By choosing us, you're taking a significant step towards maintaining your sobriety and achieving lasting recovery.


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