Monitoring & Case Management Throughout the Sarasota Region

Essential to the framework where accountability, health, and happiness thrive.

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Case Management & Monitoring in Sarasota

Our experienced case managers work with all involved parties to manage every facet of agreed upon care. We build the framework in which accountability, health, and happiness thrive. Random and scheduled drug and breathalyzer tests are available with in-office drug tests, Affinity drug tests, and Soberlink GPS enabled breathalyzers.

O2 Monitoring promotes accountability and structure, two essential elements in successful recovery. It is also a powerful tool for early-relapse prevention and shortening relapses by supporting abstinence and structure. Early detection of a relapse can minimize the damage by alerting the support team of the need to change the plan. Nationwide drug tests and mobile breathalyzer testing services are available, separately or as a compliment to another O2 service. We offer in-office drug tests, Affinity drug tests, and SOBERLINK GPS enabled breathalyzers.

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Comprehensive Management & Monitoring Services for Everyone

Our case management and monitoring service in Sarasota is a cornerstone of O2 Recovery Support Services' comprehensive support system. By coordinating care and maintaining a structured environment, we ensure our clients have the best possible foundation for their recovery.

  • Personalized Care Coordination: Our case managers tailor care plans to each individual's needs, working closely with all involved parties.
  • Structured Accountability: We provide a consistent accountability framework through random and scheduled testing.
  • Advanced Monitoring Tools: Utilizing the latest technology, including SOBERLINK GPS-enabled breathalyzers and Affinity drug tests, we offer state-of-the-art monitoring.

The service is designed to foster an environment where accountability, health, and happiness can flourish, supporting clients on their path to recovery.

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getting case management and monitoring in sarasota

Benefits of Our Monitoring Services

Our case management and monitoring services aid those on the recovery journey. By providing a structured and supportive framework, we help our clients build the foundations for long-term success.

  • It enhances accountability and promotes a sense of responsibility.
  • Supports abstinence by providing a clear structure and regular monitoring.
  • Facilitates early detection of relapses, allowing for timely adjustments to care plans.

Our monitoring services are about maintaining sobriety and building the resilience and habits necessary for a fulfilling, addiction-free life.


What Makes Our Monitoring Services an Ideal Option

Choosing us is an investment in a secure, structured path to healing. Our services are designed to provide support and the accountability necessary for effective recovery.

  • Proactive Relapse Prevention: Early identification of potential relapse signs enables swift action, minimizing setbacks.
  • Comprehensive Support System: Our approach integrates seamlessly with other O2 services, offering a holistic support network.
  • Nationwide Accessibility: With nationwide drug tests and mobile breathalyzer services, we offer flexible, accessible support for clients across the country.

Our goal is to empower our clients and their families with the tools and support necessary for a successful recovery journey, making our monitoring services essential to the recovery process.

getting case management and monitoring in sarasota
monitoring in sarasota

Commitment to Recovery Excellence

At O2 Recovery Support Services, our commitment to your recovery extends beyond traditional treatment methods. All of our recovery services embody our dedication to providing a comprehensive, structured support system designed for your success. 

By choosing O2 Recovery, you're gaining a partner committed to helping you or your loved one achieve lasting recovery and wellness. With our experienced team, advanced technology, and compassionate approach, we are here to support you every step of the way toward a healthier, happier future.

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